Rehashing Iowa

I never dreamed the Donald would be dethroned so quickly.  Did you?  I’m not saying he’s out for good just that he’d convinced me he had more votes than anyone else ever had.
Frankly, I’m more frightened by a Cruz run than if Trump has won.  That tells you a lot about how comfortable I am about Mr. Cruz!
I stayed up through the wee hours of Tuesday morning waiting on Hilary to pull ahead.  She never did.  It was Tuesday afternoon before shaky newscasters declared her the winner by perhaps the narrowest margin in any state presidential election.  Yikes!  Of course Bernie was suppose to win Iowa and he’s scheduled to win New Hampshire, his neighboring state.
Will tonight’s Democratic debate prove anything? It will keep the pollsters busy trying to figure outré their true status.

I bought two books on Mary Musgrove both of them being historical fiction.  I’ve finished reading one of them and have found the study enlightening and suggestive.
The other book arrived this afternoon.  I’ll start reading it tonight after the debate is over or perhaps in place of watching the debate.
It’s fun to see what other writers come up with in writing about characters we plan to deal with in your own manuscript.