FEBRUARY 9, 2016

Tiny specks of snow/ice are on our grounds at Alexian and have covered parts of our parked cars that are exposed to the elements.The temperature is below freezing and baby, it’s cold outside.
We’re planning to go bowling tomorrow but as we well know that could change with the coming of morning.
Tonight I’ll join many Americans watching the election returns from New Hampshire.  I only hope Hilary makes a descent showing and at this point I prefer Kaschi, first and Rubio second in the Republican field.
Meanwhile I’m waiting to hear from Nurturing Faith concerning my publication date for Where the Rabbits Dance.  I’ve secured a critique session with Laura Backes for chapters 4-6 of Trail Blazer, Book 2.  That date is set for Feb. 22nd.  I’ve got to get busy. I mean real busy! 

There were few surprises tonight.  Trump and Sanders won.  I was happy to see Governor Kaschi come in second for the Republicans followed no less by Jeb Bush.  How this will resonate with the electorate remains to be seen.
Will Hillary post a big win in South Carolina or is Bernie on an unstoppable roll?  I think Hillary will snap back but I could easily be wrong.  Then again I could easily be right.