(tips fro BTP)
At my best my sleep patterns are irratic.  This isn’t an old age pattern for me.  It goes to way back when  days.

 Do not use electronics at bedtime.  Yikes!  I use mine every night.  I’ll try to quit this practice but don’t be surprised if I backslide.

When is the last time you bought a new mattress? Old mattresses can present problems.

Keep the noise pollution down.  I score well on that one.  When I turn my lyric ear mechanisms rot the sleep mode I don’t hear any sound vibrations.

Is your bedroom temperature too warm?  We should lower the temperature during the night hours for a better night’s sleep.

Keep your sleeping room in total darkness.  If need be wear a face mask over your eyes.  I’m trying this one.

Tomorrow:  we’ll reflect on the Sanders/Clinton debate