LENT is a time for sharing in the hurts of others.  My son, Alan, called me from California tonight to tell me they had to have their dog, Titania, put to sleep last night.  For several weeks she’s been struggling to stand up and it came to the place when she could no longer stand even for a short while. They did the merciful thing and had her put to sleep.
Saying good-bye to a faithful, loving pet is heart wrenching.  All I could do hen Alan called me was to cry along with him.
Titania, a rescue pup, well over ten years ago came to live with Alan and Timothy.  When I used to make my annual pilgrimages to California Titania always greeting my arrival with a gutsy barking session only to  follow it by nudging me to throw a favorite toy she could retrieve it.
At Christmas time I never tired of watching her literally self distruct any stuffed toy given to her.
In her earlier days Titania was a finicky eater but when Sue, a rescue blind pup, joined their family self-preservation took over.  Sue loved to eat and if Titania left any of her food behind it was devoured.  It didn’t take Titania long to figure out what to do.  When chow time came calling Titania ate all her food with relish!
Titania, solid black, with thin, spindly legs was always ready to go on an extended walk–especially at River Myst Haven.
My prayer:  
Lord, you gave us pets to love and care for and Titania has had the best loving care that Timothy and Alan could give.  Help them to remember the funny things she did, the cuddly times they shared.
Bless their tears and love them dearly.