Yesterday morning for the first hour or so after I sat down to my computer my iPhone kept ringing.  I must have received fifty birthday greeting from my email friends.
WOW!  I must admit I enjoyed it immensely.  Even as late as tonight I’m still getting a few treasured greetings.  It makes becoming 85 a little more acceptable.
I’m drinking my hot tea that hopefully will help me sleep well and will resume my Lenten thoughts tomorrow with some quotes from Bonhoeffer.
My first six chapters of Trail Blazer, Book II is in the hands of my good friend and critique editor Laura Backes from Children’s Book Insider.
I finally worked out with Lex Horton how to get my corrections for my upcoming book, Where the Rabbits Dance back to to the right person and I should be looking at their amended manuscript soon.
Believe me there is a lot that goes into getting a book into print—much more than having it accepted by a publishing company.