MONDAY, MARCH 14, 2016

Events unfolding in my life today are putting my faith and my priorities on trial.
I went to my car this afternoon and tried to start it up.  Nothing happened.  So I get out my starter mechanism and plug it in.  Still nothing happened.  I asked for help in putting the cables in place.  Still nothing happened.  When my neighbor, who is an airplane pilot, tried it I was able to drive but the car wouldn’t rev up.  My max driving speed was 5 mph.  My friend thinks the computer that controls things isn’t working.
At any rate my car is sick and I’ll just have to contact the powers that be tomorrow and see sick it truly is!  
Matters relating to cars  exceed my intellectual capacity!  I’m indeed at the mercy of the experts.
But I can and will turn it over to my Lord and believe he will lead me through this hurdle.
God of our good times and God of our bad times please help me to take this set back with grace and love.