FRIDAY, MARCH 17, 2016


I received my annual house call from United Health Care today and racked up a glowing health report.  I’m thankful for my primary care doctor, Maggie Greene, my sons Alan and Max, my PT. team at Alexian and all my friends at FBC and Alexian who consistently check me out. 

My blood pressure was 112 over 55 and my urine specimen was completely clear.

This is great news.  My heart is singing.

Prayer Thought:

Lord, help me when the news is grim to praise your love and grace.

Where the Rabbits Dance will be off the press within the next couple of weeks and I’m currently working on Trail Blazer, Book II.

Teaser:  Mary Musgrove, has just received a letter from James Oglethorpe telling her he’s married an English heiress and won’t be returning to Georgia. Mary face becomes like a chiseled stone as she frantically twists at the diamond ring he gave her before leaving Savannah.