MARCH 17, 2016

Part of Lent is remembering.
My husband’s birthday fell on March 13th.  His death fell on a Saturday,  just prior to Easter Sunday.  Consequently March, is  always an emotional journey for me.
Some twenty-two years later when I think of Claude  a warm peaceful feeling overshadows me.  It seems like he comes and wraps me in a blanket of love, encouraging me as my years grow bigger. 
In our marriage vows we uttered  “unto death do we part”.  We should have said, “not even in death  will we part”.  I continue to hold the invisible love rope we shared.   I find myself with my feet on terra firm but with my heart in heaven. 
I remember so well when your body was racked with pain that refused to leave how you urged me to never  turn my back on our sons, Max and Alan.  You taught me love unconditionally.  Thanks, honey.  Your sons rise up and call you blessed.