MARCH 20-21, 2016


On Palm Sunday we adults formed two lines with the children coming between us as we marched from outside the church church edifice into the sanctuary waving our green palms and placed them on the altar table and to the side of the pulpit area.

Old, yet ever new.  For me it goes way back tho when I was a freshman in college.  We started practicing for our annual college Easter patent as soon as we returned from Christmas break.

I played the role of a soldier in my freshman year and emerged as Barabbas my sophomore, junior and senior years.  I tried to make my character rand out in marked contrast to Jesu.

Consider the word of this hymn:


O Jesus walked this lonesome valley, He had to walk it by Himself;
O nobody else could walk it for him, He had to walk it by Himself.
O Jesus went to stand his trial, He had to stand it by Himself;
O nobody else could stand it for Him, He had to stand it by Himself.
O we must go and face our trials, we have to face them by ourselves;
O nobody else can face them for us, we have face them for ourselves.