My name is Mary of Bethany.  Six days before the Passover Simon the Leper, who also lives in Bethany, hosted a party in honor of Jesus.  Lazarus, Martha, and I were among the invited guests as well as the disciples of Jesus.  When we finished eating I brought out a pint of expensive perfume and poured a portion of it over the head of Jesus.  The perfume trickled down his prayer shawl.  I stooped to the floor, removed his sandals and poured the remaining nard on his feet, drying them with my long flowing hair.
Jesus’ disciples were upset.  Judas spoke up.  ‘Why did you allow this to happen?  The price of a pint of perfume would feed a great number of hungry people.”
Jesus said, “Mary has done a good deed that will be remembered from this day forward.  She has, ahead of time, anointed my body for its burial.  The poor are always going to be around you but I am not going to be with you much longer.”
Lavish love should never be pitted against ‘inasmuch” love.  Both are essential.  It’s never hard to spot those with great physical needs.  But sometimes we overlook those who may need a touch of lavish love.  What have you done today that says, “Master, I love you!”
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