It’s Thursday of Holy Week and tradition says this is night of extreme ‘aloneness’ for Jesus.
First He institutes what we call The Last Supper.
Take this bread.  It is my body.”
Take this cup.  It is my blood.”
“One of you is going to betray me.”
“Lord, is it I”
“What you are about to do, do quickly.”
Judas leaves and it is dark
Jesus  agonizes in prayer beneath the old olive trees and his chosen three can’t manage to stay awake.
I’d criticize Peter, James and John if it weren’t for stabbing memories of the times when I’ve sworn my  loyalty to only to find myself sleeping during His hours of crisis.
“Sleep on.  My hour has come”
Here comes Judas with his infamous kiss.  Peter rouses and cuts off the ear of the elite guard.  Rest assured Peter was aiming for his head!
From here on out its bedlam!  By tomorrow morning Jesus will be hanging from a Roman cross but not before he undergoes six mocked trials!
Today it’s raining tears on my landscape.