Post appearances of Jesus are amply validated in the New Testament although practically non-existent  in the literature of his day.  Does it bother you that the world at large  paid little attention to a small group within the Jewish community who were making unheard claims about their Nazarene teacher?
It makes me wonder how often we as individuals focus on the inane babblings of some people while ignoring the voice of those exuding substance.
I participated in several sermons today.  Two of them came by the presence of two people in worship:  Edit Yantis, now a shadow of her former physical self and sporting an oxygen gizmo was ushered in her wheel chair.  Powerful sermon.  The second one was my friend Barbara Thomas, her head draped to cover the devastation results of chemo therapy.  Powerful sermon.
Pastor Thomas reminded us there comes a time when we need to quit talking and to act.  That is a sermon I can bring to life this coming week.
Someone is waiting on you and me to tell them they’re important and that they’re loved.