I’m gradually slipping into my roll as book seller of Where the Rabbits Dance while at the same time continuing to forge forward on  writing Trail  Blazer, Book II.
Here at Alexian I’ve touched bases with my friends in the activities department.  They are helping to establish a book signing date for me in early May and are producing postal cards and wallet size cards for me to distribute.  I’ve alerted my Face Book friends of Where the Rabbits Dance debut and plan to follow through with additional specifics to my Face Book and email friends.  A friend is working on the technical know how of transferring a disk to the big screen for my book signing presentation.
At church at friend gave me a public blurb in my adult Sunday school class and gave my pastor a copy of Where the Rabbits Dance and solicited his help.  I reserved a place with the library staff for book signings sand have sent information to our publications that are distributed weekly.  I’ll try to make most of my sales on Wednesday nights during our family supper time.
I’ve made critical corrections to chapter six in Trail Blazer II and have produced a rough copy of chapter seven and will begin tomorrow on chapter eight.