APRIL 6-7, 216


We went bowling on Wednesday morning.  It had been almost a month since we last bowled.  We have to have seven participants before Alexian will furnish transportation for us.  The most we’ve been able until this past week has been to get six.
It was a rare occasion.  I did well–real well for me!  Don’t get excited I may bomb out the next time we play.

Wednesday night I brought 20 copies of Where the Rabbits Dance with me toy church and while my friends ate I offered them a chance to buy one of my books.  I sold (13) copies and will continue on Sundays and Wednesdays to offer them a chance to buy my book.
Frances Marandi put an excellent  ad about the book and its plot in our church newsletter.  Hopefully it will generate more sells in the weeks ahead.
Alexian’s book signing will be sometime early in May.
I have a 150 books to sell!!!  Does anyone want to buy a good book.  See me!
Jim Archbold has assured me my presentation on New Echota is ready to be viewed on the night of my book signing at Alexian.
Samantha and Deborah of Alexian activities help me greatly in advertising both through brochures and in-house television.