Today I picked up 100 postcards and 100 wallet cards advertising my latest book, Where the Rabbits Dance at our main office at Alexian.  How much did it cost me?  NOTHING!
My friends in our activities department go way out of their way to make me look good and I’m most grateful.
I think I’ve finished the first seven chapters of Trail Blazer @ and am now ready to begin chapter 8 where Mary threatens to let her Creek Indians burn down the town of Savannah if the leaders don’t accept her land claims.
the final chapter of Book 2 will involve N.W. and his father practicing medicine together; the death of N.W.’s mother and N.W.’s marriage when he moves to his new home the book closes with the trustees turning over their rule to the British crown and Georgia becoming the other twelve colonies a crown colony.
Whew!  I bet you’ll be glad when I get off this Trail Blazer gig.
I won at bingo tonight.