APRIL 19-20, 2016


WREA stands for Walker Association of Retired Teachers.  I attended the meeting yesterday and rode with my good friend Audrey Voskuil to the meeting.  She was the fifth grade teacher at the school where I taught special education.  She shared her best students with me for one-on-one tutoring with my urchins and I in turn included some of her students in my sure fire way of helping kids learn their multiplication tables.  Even after I retired she’d invite me in to share my writing efforts with her classes.  We worked up a presentation.  Since she is originally from Wisconsin we called it the North versus the South.
Some friends, even if you haven’t seen them in a year, you can pick right up where you last left off.
What a precious gift!
Today I went down to Walmart bought a few items and stopped by CVS before coming home.  I had a prescription for strips to check my blood sugar.  They are normally $89.00.  The clerk looked at the price and said, “That doesn’t look right.”  I showed her my United Health card and she had the druggist to check it out.  Now the price was zero.  Wow!  My pocketbook and I liked that real good.
Tonight I sold four copies of Where the Rabbits Dance and sold four copies at my teacher’s meeting yesterday.
Lord, take me where you want me to go; Let me meet who you want me to meet; Tell me what you want me to say, and Keep me out of your way.
—-Mychal Judge, O.F.M>