In two days I’ll be in a whirl of activities.  Starting off with a brunch Saturday morning and then going to the Tn. Aquarium for a “behind the scenes” tour with my former student teacher, Tammy.  Then I’ll return home to get packed for my weekend getaway with Alan and Timothy to Reynold’s Plantation, located between Atlanta and Augusta.  
The highlight will be on Saturday night when my son Max picks me up and drives me to meet our guest party of 21 people at Saint John’s restaurant in downtown Chattanooga.  
Alan and Timothy will escort me home and Alan will pick me and my  bag up at Alexian on Sunday morning.  He and I will attend S.S. at FBC and Timothy will meet us for church.  As soon as church is over we’ll head out for Reynold’s plantation.  We’ll spend Sunday and Monday at Reynolds.  Then Alan and Timothy will motor to Atlanta for their plane flight back to Healdsbuerg and he’ll have me chauffeured back to Alexian in a private limo.
Yikes!  I’ll be ninety when I have another one of these big parties, if I’m blessed to live that long.