MONDAY, MAY 23, 2016

I ordered 25 more copies of Where the Rabbits Dance in hopes of being able to take them to school events next year.
 I have two school places  I’m going to  try to find access to:  One belongs to a personal friend who is also a librarian(Debbie Condry) and the other is the schools on Signal Mountain—two elementary schools and one middle school.
Meanwhile I’m going to work on revising my workshop ideas for Behind Enemy Lines and Where the Rabbits Dance.
Meanwhile, I’ll approach Nurturing Faith with the prospect of selling them Trail Blazer, Book One,  that is ready for publication. 
 Trail Blazer, Book II is completed through the first eight chapters and I am currently gathering material on the final events shaping my main character, N.W. Jones, through his wedding ands the changes brought about by Georgia ceasing to be a Trustees Colony and becoming a crown colony.