While I enjoy the craft of writing, I find that taking short breaks from such a demanding professional task to be most helpful. My breaks include physical and mental exercises, gardening, and people tending.

My favorite exercise is water aerobics. The group’s camaraderie as we splash through the water is invigorating. In our gym I get serious as I huff and puff on our stair master machine. Once a week I top off my exercise regime by bowling with a small group of friends.
I also combine taking long walks with rehashing segments of a manuscript, communing with nature, and meditating on God’s goodness.

For additional mental and spiritual breaks, I lean toward competing against my computer in a game of Scrabble and sipping my morning coffee from my patio as I contemplate Scripture. From this vantage point I drink in the beauty of my flower garden and the bounty of its surroundings.

the garden in summer

My mom was super great at growing flowers, as likewise was her mother before her. In my mid-adult years I never envisioned myself as a gardener. However, today, as a senior adult, I’ve found my flower garden, adjacent to my patio, to be an unexpected and welcome joy.

Now, every May I begin dressing my patio in pink and white Mandevilla and crimson carnations and begin soaking in the beauty provided by three knock-out rose bushes, hydrangeas, rhododendrons, and a variety of plants designated to attract monarch butterflies. My two bird feeders and one hummingbird feeder are in constant use. Nearby is a birdhouse that is currently empty, but it provided a home for two bluebird families this past spring.