shutterstock_1238137693I plan to watch less national news coverage and to balance my preferences between my favorite and least favorite commentators.

I plan to maintain an inner core of peace, joy, and hope.  This way I’ll accomplish focusing on the things that matter most to me.

I’ll deepen my relationships with family and friends who share my spiritual and vocational goals.

I’ll intentionally increase my contacts with those in my community who need a hug, a love pat, an encouraging smile, or just someone who will listen to them.shutterstock_1226064001

I’ll use my God-given talent as a writer to magnify the lives of lesser-known people who do extraordinary things for others.

I’ll continue to monitor my Type 2 diabetes with check-ups, medication, diet, exercise, meditation, and laughter.

I’ll intentionally accept the “Glorious Impossibles” of life, believing the things that matter most defies our rational minds.

In all aspects of my life may it be said of me that instead of arriving I’m always moving toward becoming. And when, not if, I falter on any of my above goals I’ll work harder at finding something each day that makes me laugh or heightens my joy.