HOPE 2Advent means to wait. For Christians Advent is the time, beginning with the first Sunday in December and ending on Christmas Day, that we spend preparing individually and corporately to celebrate Jesus’ birth.

Many of us are not good at waiting! After all we have cards to send, parties to attend, gifts to buy, food to prepare, and guests to entertain.

Advent invites us to prepare our lives for the coming of Christ into the world.

This past Sunday in church, we lit the Hope candle to remind us that the Old Testament prophets Isaiah, Micah, and Joel ministered in an era when corruption was rampant. It was a time when the rich, through treachery and bribes, grew richer and the poor grew poorer. While they lived in hope of the birth of one who would reign with love and justice, they continued to confront the evils of their day.

The Promised One would usher in an era of justice, mercy and love. No longer would the “have nots” of our world be shunned.

Lord, may I be inclusive and not selective in my love for others.

If you’re interested in a fuller study please consult my book “Advent Encounters.”