A group from Brow View huddled in Club 51 to hear a report on mold. Instead, what we heard that hour has forever altered our lives.  One phrase Terry repeated haunts me to this day:  “It’s not a question of if someone at Alexian will become infected with the Covid-19 virus, but when it will happen.” Terry followed through with some sensible suggestions while assuring us that addressing such a crisis was something Ascension Living was skilled in combating.  After responding to a mountain of questions he closed by saying, “Expect to make some changes in your day- to-day lives and stay tuned to channel 98 for updates.”

Wow!  For over two months we’ve experienced mammoth changes. We basically stay in our apartments, wash our hands a zillion times each day, and wear a mask, a little akin to the Lone Ranger’s attire when we venture outside our apartment while staying at least six feet away from anybody.  We buy our groceries online and we worship online. Our meals are hand-delivered and we do our own house cleaning.

You might think we’d become stir crazy under such restrictions.  Not us. That’s because heroes work at Alexian! We’re surrounded by a host of workers all the way from Ascension Living’s front office to the hundreds of employees that serve us daily.

I asked a number of residents to add their personal comments and each of them was happy to participate. Their range of responses contained kudos to workers throughout our Alexian complex, some of which I’ll mention:

  • Front desk staff’s welcome smiles morning, noon and night;
  • Our activities threesome with their online exercise programs, grocery buying, face masks and video bingo;
  • Continual help of maintenance in our apartments;
  • Kitchen crew including servers who daily bring us our meals attached with encouraging notes;
  • Health care personnel who risk their lives daily;
  • Prayers of the Alexian brothers and others;
  • Terry Thompkins: God knew we’d need someone who is gentle but firm, truthful but encouraging, demanding but loving, so he sent us you.

To each of you we place our hands across our hearts while we ache to give you a big bear hug.  You’ve turned a dark time in our lives into a determined journey.

Yes indeed, heroes work here. Thank you!