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Mary, alleged to be the daughter of Joachim and Anne, albeit some say her father is Heil, has been planning for months for her upcoming marriage to Joseph.  Since Joseph lays no claim to being the child’s father, one wonders what course he’ll take.  Some of his strict Pharisee friends are urging him to have her stoned.  “You should make an example of her,” they say, “so other young women will know we won’t tolerate such hanky panky.”  Joseph is looking over all his options.


December 3

                                               BREAKING NEWS

(three months later)

Seventy year old Elizabeth is pregnant!  She has been seen in the market place chatting with her friends.  Elizabet said we could expect earth shattering news coming from Nazareth  real soon.

OUR FACT CHECKER:  Someone bearing a child in their seventies is very rare.  Our reliable source says that in Israel it has only happened once.  Sarah, wife of Abraham, gave birth to Issac when she nigh on ninety years old.

Jerusalem Gazette December 2

December 2

                                    COUPLE GOES INTO SECULSION

Zachariah isn’t answering  any questions as to what went awry yesterday.  He seems nervous and keep grabbing at his throat.  All we could get from Elizabeth was her promise to contact us if their status changes,  She suggested we check back with her three months. 


“Viewing the past in the present tense”

December 1:

                                                      WHAT’S GOING ON?


The temple faithful grew weary as they waited and waited for the elderly priest Zachariah to emerge from the Holy of Holies.  When he did appear the people went into shock.  Zachariah was waving his hands in the air and looking like he’d been tangling with Lucifer.  

Has he gone mad?  Did he have a heavenly visitor?  No one seems to know.  One thing is certain. Something big time happened to Zachariah while he performed his priestly duties today.

Elizaabeth, his wife, seemed befuddled.  She shuffled him away from the crowd and they headed toward their hill country home.

Jeruslem Gazette, Decermber 4th


Rumor is spreading like wildfire that Mary, engaged to our local carpenter Joseph, is pregenant.  Joseph maintains he isn’t the father of the child and Mary says she has not been unfaithful to her promised marriage vows.

Check tomorrows edition for breaking news on this shocking event.


Sandwiched between the Civil War Battles of Gettysburg and Chattanooga, Chickamauga became the last hooray for the Confederacy. Meet the people who awoke one day to find their homes part of a battlefield. Examine the costly squabbles among General Bragg’s CSA staff and the miscalculations of Union Commander General Rosecrans. As you follow the snafu movements that beseiged both sides you’ll be suprised by the battle’s heroes that ultimately cost the Union a victory.


Made the “man of the house” eleven-year-old Bobby greatly misses Papa and doesn’t like what this war is doing to mama. Following a rumor of troop movements, Bobby runs away to find Papa and to bring him home. Instead, Bobby gets drawn into the thick of the battle. Through numerous struggles along a treacherous road to freedom, Bobby emerges forever changed by his experiences.

My Shepherd

The Lord, my Shepherd, leads me. Sometimes we travel through lush meadows or linger by still waters. Often we wind our way through rough terrain, and I feel I can’t stand it anymore. Then, the Lord, my Shepherd, takes me by the hand, and I find strength to journey on.

The Lord, my Shepherd, restores me. When my soul is barren and my dreams crushed He opens for me windows of hope.
The Lord, my Shepherd, guides me. He snatches me from pitfalls and encourages my sagging spirits.
The Lord, my Shepherd, walks with me. Sometimes we laugh, and sometimes we cry. Sometimes we run and sometimes we crawl. Ah, yes! The Lord, my Shepherd, walks with me.
The Lord, my Shepherd, sustains me. He replaces my sorrow with joy. He picks me up when I stumble, and cuddles me when I’m afraid.
The Lord, my Shepherd, is a Forever Guide. When this earth life ceases He’ll whisper, “Come with Me. The best is yet to be!”
Published in Mature Living, March 2001
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