December 11th

                                                         MARY COMES HOME


We caught up with Mary today as she was visiting with Joseph.  “Mary,” we said,  “fill us in on what is going on with you.”

“I stayed with Elizabeth until she gave birth to John.  Then I came home to check with Joseph about our wedding plans.  She paused.  As you can see I’m pregnant.”

“We understand Joseph says the baby isn’t his.”

“He’s right.  The baby is not his.  Joseph has just finished sharing some good news with me.  While he was considering his options about how to deal with my pregnancy he was awaken from his sleep by an angel.  The angel told him to go ahead with his marriage plans with me and assured him I was being truthful.  Joseph accepted the angel’s words and he’s now supportive.”

” Thank you, Mary.  I have a feeling we haven’t heard the last about you are your baby-to-be.”