MAY 23, 2014

Today I’m working on getting my reservations lined up to attend the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship annual meeting in Atlanta, June 23-26.  Hopefully I can sell lots of my  book, Tarnished Haloes, Open Hearts.

UPS is due to deliver my new TV ears today. To the younger crowd t.v. ears enables us hard of hearing dudes to listen to our tv at a level that would blast your eardrums; meanwhile we can be in the room and listen in at your own whisper level.

New tip of the day:  I read in this morning’s paper there is now an APP for birders.  If your interested in helping Audubon tract the movements of hummingbirds then it’s available on IOS and Android.  It’s called hummingbirds at home.

A messy apartment and my get-these-things-done today are screaming for my attention.