Tuesday, July 8th, 2014

I’m trying to decide whether to swim or not to swim.  At 6:45 this morning I decided it would be too cool.  However, the sun is warming up the air and at 9:30 I’m having a change of heart.

Eureka!  I found two somethings I thought were totally gone this past week and today.

I don’t know about you but chances are if you’re lucky enough to make it to the fourth quarter of life you spend a lot of time, like me, retrieving lost(?) items.

No. 1:  This is a most serious loss.  I woke up Sunday morning and couldn’t locate my debit credit card.  I tried to keep my mind on Zephaniah in Sunday School and the preachers musings from Eccelasites.  One thought costumed me.  The last time I’d used my card was at Wal-mart after doing a bit of research at the Chattanooga Downtown Library.  I debated whether to stop on my way back up the mountain or to look some more at home and then check it out at Wal-mart.  I elected to stop first and wonder of wonders within six minutes I had my card.  Thanks be to God!

No. 2:  A minor loss, slightly irritating.  I couldn’t find an envelope with some pictures I’d taken recently in June at our CBF Assembly in Atlanta.  But in that same envelope was information about my tag renewal and emissions test which is due this month.  I traced back my thoughts to last Thursday when I carried the pics to dinner to share with someone who didn’t get to go.  When I couldn’t find them I made up my mind I’d left them on the table in the dining hall.  A search by the staff came up empty.  This morning I decided to return a manuscript tray to its rightful place in my office and lo and behold snuck underneath the tray.  Yeah, you guessed it was my pics ands registration data.

I could go on and on about my losses, retrievals.  One time I wasn’t so lucky.  More about that later.  Let’s get some water aerobics.