Sunday, October 26th, 2014


Sunday school study time brought sobering thoughts about the end of our journeys.  Scripture gives us in Deuteronomy 34 a glimpse into the final days of one of God’s favorites, Moses.  He wanted very much to live, even for a brief time in the PROMISED LAND.  He’s recorded as the first man to ever speak face-to-face with God.  Yet God denied him the honor of going into the land promised to his heirs because he struck the rock for water.  That’s where the limitations of word study falls short.  We can’t see the anger, frustration, and possibly disbelief Moses exercised in that action.  God did let him get a preview of the lands.  The Scripture also says Moses was 120, had 20-20 vision and was in prime health.
Knowing a little ahead of time what was about to happen gave Moses time to reflect on the good and bad facets of his life.  Most of us won’t have that luxury.  I try to follow the admonition: stay in a ready mode.

I’m still feeling uncomfortable when I think of a family of four, possibly six if you included their indentured servants, living for two months in the crowded bed space on the Anne.  Only curtains separated them from the next family.  What juicy bits of gossip must have been gathered during sleepless night vigils.  Someone was given charge to make sure all the candles were snuffed out.
II remember during my college years when we had student proctors whose job it was to go up and down the halls of our dormitory at 10:00 sharp making sure all our lights were out.  I  couldn’t resist the urge to try to extend my study habits via a flashlight.  It didn’t work!