DECEMBER 22, 2014


Whether you’re playing football or involved in the Christmas season you know this is the fourth quarter.  What you plan to do in 2014 needs to be on the front burner.  Ten days from now will New Year’s Day.
For those who are late Christmas shoppers you’d better get to the mall in a hurry.  Christmas is three days away.  I’ll spend these three days reflecting on the great impossibility:  God became flesh.  I’ll use prayer, Scripture, music, books, and friends to enhance my journey.
On Christmas Eve I’ll join with my church family to celebrate the birth of Christ and to rediscover again his love for folk like me.  Emmanuel…God with us!

When I was six I had a dreadful time waiting for Santa Claus. As a matter fact I didn’t wait!
Two packages arrived in the mail clearly saying, “Do not open until December 25th.”  I begged and I begged and I begged until finally Mama relented.  My sister and I both had dolls of  Princess Elizabeth.  According to our agreement,   Mama rewrapped the dolls and I don’t think we ever told my brother any differently.
That was the same year I accidently left off a Roman candle inside the living room  Fortunately  my brother John doused it before it did too much damage.
To be truthful I still have a problem waiting.   For Alan, my son, his first Christmas happened when he was 13 months old.  Finally he went to sleep and I returned to his bed four or five times hoping he’d wake up wanting a glass of water.  He slept soundly and all the time my desire to be a part of his first Christmas was growing by leaps and bounds.  At some ungodly hour, long before daybreak, I literally went in and woke him up.  Among his gifts that year were a Chatty brother doll, a train set and a drum set .