Lenten Encounters
by Lynelle Mason
We all like to blame others for our mistakes.  In the end we can’t gloss over our sins or wash our hands and be rid of personal responsibility.
There is some of Judas in each of us.  When we don’t have the answer to personal, perplexing problems, we’d rather run from them than face them head on.  Cheap religion can always be bought and lost.
Lavish love should never be pitted against “inasmuch” love.  Both are essential.  It’s never hard to spot those with great physical or economic needs.  But sometimes we overlook who made need a touch of lavish love.  What have you done today that says, “Master, I love you.”
Mary Magdalene was willing to do whatever Jesus asked her to do.  What is God asking you to dfo this very hour?  Will you offer lame excuses or hasten to please him?