What if you knew this would be the last time you’d eat a meal  with a group whose friendship meant so much?  What would you tell them?

Jesus shocked his little band of followers with the heart rending statement, One of you shall betray me.  Everyone was on edge with their plaintive pleas, “Lord, is it I?”

“Inasmuch as you drink this cup and eat this bread until I return, do it In Remembrance of Me.”

Tomorrow’s horrendous events shall be sealed with the kiss of Judas before dawn breaks through late Thursday night or at predawn on Friday!

excerpt from John Mark,Lenten Encounters

Jesus left them a second time and falling on his knees cried out, “Daddy, if I must die, bearing in my body the sins of everyone, then I’ll do it.  I sure wish you would do it some other way.”

When Jesus came again his friends were so sound asleep that he didn’t bother them.

This time when he knelt to pray I saw the form of someone kneeling on the ground beside him.  Jesus’ body was drenched with sweat as he made his way back to his sleeping friends.

“Get up,” he said, “Rise!  Let’s go!  Here comes my betrayer!”

Was it Gabriel or God himself who stood watch with Jesus in Gethsemane?