#1  after we completed our second obedience school.  The first one back in 2001 was a complete failure

 Cleo after becoming a therapy dog in 2008

 Cleo dressed up as a bumblebee before visiting Alexian Health Center

Cleo shares joy with my good friend, now deceased, Rose Elma Clones

 Mama, I’ m hiding from you

 A proud day for her owner, namely me!  Cleo graduates!

 Hobnobbing with Rose Elma

I’m a therapy dog, loving and kind

This is when Cleo was six months old and a little on the wild side.This was taken at his first obedience training session when he c. six months old.  When the classes were over I concluded we’d 
both made a grade of F!

 This was Cleo’s twin who ran away before I could get her certified!

I’m just a puppy.  You ought to know puppies love to chew.

And don’t put temptation in my view if you don’t expect me to lose control

Shh- Can’t you see I’m sleeping

 Bed time in my days before Mom introduced me to a crate

 One of my favorite words was car.  Mama, if you’re leaving then please, please take me with you.

Christmas 2014 when Alan visited with us.  Isn’t she adorable?