Busy Thursday
My day started off with my doorbell ringing around 8:00.  Some guys from Alexian were here to plant a hydrangea that appeared in my yard last Saturday.  I was only half way dressed when they came calling so I put them on hold while I finished dressing.  With that decision met I go ready to go to my P.T. class designed to keep the old lady from falling.  An hour later I was back in my apartment getting ready to go to water aerobics.  
I hadn’t much got settled in from dinner and doing a little manuscript editing work when Advantage Care called and wanted to come for their weekly visit.  They’ve been of little help to me since their second or third visit.  They did teach me how to use my blood sugar mechanism and how to read food labels. I’m not sure that’s a wise money investment for United Health Care.  I never know when they’re coming and often it has been at inopportune times.
I’ve restocked my bird feeders and hope to devise some way to keep the squirrels and racoons away from them!