I did it!  I’ve completed a draft of my first three chapters of Trail Blazer, Book 2.  Now comes the work of reediting and polishing my draft efforts.  After that I’ll email those chapters to my paid critique advisor who is sure to make several helpful suggestions.  
Thus far my main character, N.W. Jones,  whose heart is set on being the colony’s best doctor finds obstacles in his way.  The specter of war with Spain which begins in chapter one with N.W. becoming sixteen and obliged to bear arms increases after Oglethorpe must retreat from the Castillo de San Marcos at Saint Augustine, Florida in chapter three.
N.W. grows in his understanding that he can defend his country and use his medical skills to assist others, especially General James Oglethorpe.
Chapter Four will deal with events in patrolling the waterways near Savannah and culminate with a decisive encounter that brings the war to an end.
I hope my recounting of my progress step-by-step lets you know the slow and sometimes painful but always delightful steps involved in creating  a manuscript for publication.