A friend of mine had her billfold stolen, including all her credit cards, etc.  It happened two weeks ago.  Since so many workers have keys to our apartments it is almost impossible to pin down who did it.  That got me to thinking of the things a thief can not steal.
They can’t steal our personal relationship with Jesus.
They can’t steal  our friends.
They can’t rob us of our character.
They can’t steal our health.
They can’t steal our education.
They can’t steal our outreach to others.
They can’t steal the enjoyment we get from reading a good book.
They can’t  steal the laughter we share with a good friend.
They can’t steal our memory.
They can’t steal our capacity to forgive.

Lord, when someone invades our space and takes anything that belongs to us we feel violated in a personal way.  At the same time we thank you for those things in life no crook can steal.