I found it difficult making myself get out of bed this morning.  In fact I had to leave the Sunday newspaper totally unread and even my bed unmade in order to make it to Sunday school on time.

At the close of today’s worship hour we had the commitment service for Joanna Ruth Quizenberry.  She was brought to the stage by her elder brother Caleb who is all of eight years old.
Here is the family line up:  Father Thomas, who is under fifty and our senior minister, mother Maggie who is likewise under fifty, who has a degree in theology and is a hospice nurse, three brothers, Caleb, the oldest, Joshua, who might be six, Micah who isn’t yet three and Joanna Ruth who is close to being one year old.
What a blessing they are to our church!  Micah has light red hair and has yet to meet an unfriendly soul.  He spent his time waving at the large group of family and friends encircling the little conclave and then he starting waving to those of us in the audience.
Joanna just kicked around her bare feet as if she was getting her morning workout.
How blessed these children are to have Thomas and Maggie as their parents and how blessed Thomas and Maggie are to have four adoring, loving children.