It has rained here all day and around five o’clock a smattering of snow fell.  Whether I’ll be greeted with more when morning comes is yet to be seen.  They were predicting an accumulation of one inch in the higher elevations.
To protect our help who live on Signal and surrounding areas we’re served buffet meals and the hours are generally from 12:00 to 4:00.  It’s a small inconvenience compared to the avalanche Washington D.C. is expected to get.
I’m thinking about having my main character met his future wife at the big wedding hosted by the renegade priest Thomas Bosomworth to Mary Musgrove Matthews(1744)  It could be a special meeting that doesn’t go anywhere at first since they don’t actually marry until 1755.
I need to find out when Mary’s four sons died of fever and have N.W. part of that experience.
Does he have a run in with either her second husband, John Matthews or  a friend of his, the subject being James Oglethorpe and his father Noble Jones.
N.W.’s father and best friend John Milledge are in grave danger.  N.W. is among the foot soldiers pro tolling the streets day and night.
I bet you’ll be glad when I get this chapter written!