I’m grateful for my family heritage. To be sure there have been some bumps along the road. My mom, left a widow with eight children when she was just 31, didn’t always make pristine decisions. Nevertheless, her love for each of her children was continually evident.

I’m grateful that in 1959 I married Claude Mason. The blessings that continue to flow from our commitment are innumerable. While he was definitely the love of my life, it was mostly through his example that he taught me lessons I still cling to 25 years later.

Here are some of those lessons:

~Let people know you care for them: make a visit, send a card, make a phone call, or give them a smile or a hug. I used to dread going to funeral visitations until Claude shared with me that It wasn’t necessary to say anything. He told me that what people would remember was that when their heart was bleeding I became a part of their hurting/healing.

~Always stay connected with your children. Make sure they know you love them, applaud their good decisions, refrain from being their advice doctor, and always practice lavish forgiveness.

~Being a Christian is attempting daily to model Jesus, with the caveat that we’re always missing the mark. Fortunately for us, Jesus doesn’t require us to be perfect.

I’m grateful for my retirement village that allows me to freely minister to others through smiles, laughter, sharing of food, visits, and hugs.

I’m also grateful for those who minister to me. This is a never ending list.

How about sharing your thank you list with me or those you spend time this week?